Lamb and beef are back and stock, along with general updates

This week we received a surprise shipment of lamb from our errant lamb farmer. Unfortunately we have no control over what our lamb farmer does or doesn’t do and we receive product whenever it shows up. This week we received a whole glut of lamb and most things are back in stock for the time being. We are still working to get a better source but at least for now we have something for all of you who are looking for lamb.

We also were able to sneak an extra cow into the processor this month. This means we finally have some inventory on beef that we’ve been short of. While we aren’t busting at the seams, the hope is with the extra injection of beef into the schedule, combined with the lessening demand, we should start being caught up heading into fall and can more readily supply you with normal inventory. The steaks we are getting lately are as nice as I’ve seen and overall beef is looking good as we head to the holidays. No idea if we’ll need standing rib roasts this Thanksgiving. Between COVID restrictions and politics, I don’t know how many families will be sitting down together this November. Hopefully we can all have some healing between now and then and remember what we are thankful for.

We also received some pork back from the processor. If you recall, our normal processor burned down so we had to go to a new processor. Well it took us over a month to get any of our pork back. Normally it takes about a week to start getting the first cuts back. No explanation, it just didn’t get done. Sigh. Anyway, the first bits of pork (by bits I mean several hundred pounds) showed up Tuesday with more to come next week.

Chicken is at normal stocking levels, along with dairy, cheese, etc. Overall, things are as well stocked as they have been in months. Stop by and get some goodies for dinner.

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