Links related to conservation and outreach- hidden page

Sharing information/Teaching/tours

NC Cattleman’s association tours our farm
Giving tours and sharing information with the public
Outreach via beer and BBQ
Reading recommendations for guests
We share links to good articles via our website
Complying with regulations
How to find good meat
Traditional hog killing class, from bang to bacon
Using pig parts to educate children
Farmers need to know business
Our mobile cow waterer. We keep cows moving and impact from any one spot
Grass and grazing, and a mention of Wake County Soil and Water
Giving tours, building soil, working interns so that they can learn farming
Giving tours
Free choice minerals for cattle

Recycling produce and building soil

Fixing erosion and maintaining work done with Wake County Soil and Water
Working with Soil and Water
Clearing woods without gasoline
Building soil when gardening
Evidence our program for building soil is working
Recycling produce
More produce, plus family chicken processing on farm
Grazing and soil update
Grazing, and how it builds soil
More working with NRCS and Soil and Water Conservation
More recycling of produce into food for animals and organic material for the soil
How organic material builds soil
Pictures of unrolling hay and feeding on the ground to build soil
Building soil


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