Little red truck, 11.0

1972 chevrolet stepside restoration
The bed, finished except for the tailgate. I’d make fun of the barrels as work surfaces but when we got home, we had nothing close to working as well as these barrels.

March 1st. The bed is done. The tailgate hasn’t been started on yet, the truck is in 1000 pieces, and we’re picking it up from paint. Stressed? Oh no. Not a bit. We’ve got entire days until the wedding. I’m sure it will all work out fine.  Let’s head to the barn and get to work.

1972 chevrolet stepside restoration
The rear view of the bed, minus wood and tailgate.
1972 Chevrolet step side truck restoration
Truck and bed loaded onto my trailer, ready to haul back to the farm to start putting things together.

At least we’ll have most of the pieces home where we can do the work ourselves. It’s hard to have everything waiting on you, but it’s even harder to have it waiting on someone else who is outside your control. Two weeks till the wedding day. It’ll be close, but it’s doable.


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