Little red truck 6.0

1972 chevrolet stepside primered and getting ready for paint
Beginning to make progress. Primer on the front half of the truck.

Finally! Primer and progress. Seems quick here on the interweb but this was months of work to get to this point.  The color. Tiffany Blue, which was the color of Aussie’s wedding. I thought it was called teal but I was corrected by the girls. However I believe that in the presence of men I’ll still refer to it as teal since the mocking I received for calling it Tiffany blue was somewhat brutal.

1972 chevrolet step side with primer
Another view of the truck with primer
Tiffany blue paint for 1972 chevrolet step side truck
The first look at the color to come.

It’s a picture of some paint. Big deal. At this point we were months into restoration, LMC truck knew me by first name and voice when I called to order more parts, and the little bit I’d told my friends about the color, they all thought I was crazy. I could find NO pictures on the internet of my year and style truck with a color like this and it was hard to picture what all this color was going to look like looking at a truck that was still in this kind of shape. To top it all off, the painter, who speaks very little English, had previously picked the wrong color by having a really bad green picked. Luckily Miguel and I had stopped by to check on him and he’d thought to have us verify the color one last time before he ordered it so there was some trepidation that he’d have the wrong paint through a mistake. When I saw this color in the can, there was a lot of relief. It was spot on, and it was going to look great. Plus now that the paint was ordered, there was no room for doubt so being committed took some of the worry about the final product off my mind. Some people get nervous being locked into a choice. When you’ve worried over choices for so long, it’s sometimes a relief to not have to make them anymore.


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