Lots of beef coming to the store, plus pork and chicken to boot

Sorry to tease you on the steaks
Steaks and burgers, ready for the fire.

Friday morning I’ll be heading to the processor to pick up not one, but TWO COWS worth of beef. Normally we get one cow per month, but with the fourth of July coming up, we elected to get two cows. That means we will have twice the ribeyes, twice the filets, and even twice the hamburger. So if you stop by Friday between 2-6pm, or Saturday 9am-5pm, whatever you want should be in stock.

I’m also going Thursday to pick up pork, chicken, and dairy, so we will be freshly stocked on other products as well. Stop by this weekend and pick up your goodies for the fourth of July. We’ll look forward to seeing you.

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