Lots of produce for the ninjas today

Miguel and I started out our day talking about winter setting in, the last of the grazing, getting hay for the cows, and having to limit our pigs for the remainder of the winter because our loads from the farmers markets have been dwindling. We should be ok for winter, but we don’t have any extra carrying capacity at this point.

With our limited amounts of food in mind, I stopped and took a picture of the pigs merrily eating their breakfast of fresh produce this morning. The sun hadn’t been up long and the pigs were happy to dive into breakfast since there was plenty for everyone. In fact, I gave a tour to a nice lady at 10:30 who we are trying to help with a school project and these same pigs were passed out in the sun sleeping happily, so breakfast was a hit.

However as a farmer you have to always be looking ahead. Winter is coming (Game of Thrones music playing in anyone’s head) and food will be getting scarce. We have a plan thought so no worries and off to the market we go. Suddenly our little trailer is swarmed by forklifts. We get loaded to theĀ gills and ease away to go and pick up from our smaller farmers where we hand load the produce. Miguel spots and entire pallet of potatoes and we load those onto the truck bed. Back at the smaller farmers we cram a huge load from them in every nook and cranny and limp home way overloaded. This is what it looked like when we got home.

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#ninjacowfarm the first load of produce today.

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That’s a huge load. Enough for a few days of all the animals eating their fill and then some. Hopefully the other market will be a little slower today.

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#ninjacowfarm the second load of produce today.

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Um, not so much. Another full load. I sure hope everyone is hungry!

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