Lucy is working today. Stop by and stock up

Freezer full of beef

We are still well stocked on beef, pork, lamb, dairy, honey, soap, etc. and Lucy will be in the store today from 2-6pm. I know we have some folks coming who’ve contacted me, but for those who haven’t checked in a while, just know we are open and ready for you.

I’ll be heading to get a restock of pork, chicken, and dairy tomorrow on my normal weekly run, however I’m going to switch shortly to a Monday trip instead of Thursday. That will make sure we are always freshly stocked on Wednesdays with anything we’ve run short on during the weekend (which happens!).

So keep Wednesdays in mind for your shopping days.

Little boy eating chocolate chip cookie
Mmm, chocolate chip cookies!

Of course, we still have cookies on Saturdays and we’re always open then.

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