Making cheese

So it was time to use up some milk. I’d already made plenty of yogurt so it was time for cheese. Mozzarella to be specific. I started by sterilizing everything and getting 4 gallons of milk ready. I also had the capable help of The Princess and Bok Bok.

I heated the milk to 90 degrees then added my renet solution. 5 minutes of sitting undisturbed (actually 15, oops) and I had a clean break. After cutting and draining I had this.

Into the microwave for heating and stretching which gets the whey out of the cheese. It took about 4 rounds in the microwave till I had this. 20140106-191202.jpg
It’s like working taffy except its a bigger mess and less sticky.

Now for the salt. No measurement. It’s to taste, which is an excuse to eat some cheese. Warm and just salted its the best it will ever be. Like grandmas cookies hot from the oven vs stale Oreos. If you ever thought about making cheese. This is the reason to do it. 20140106-191415.jpg

Here we are incorporating the salt, mixing it into the still warm cheese.

The final product, with a cup of whey in each bag. Stretched into long string cheese lengths and vacuum sealed.

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