I may be taking this grass thing too far

Our large pond, complete with floating grass
Our large pond, complete with floating grass

This is a picture of one of our ponds. The past few years, I’d noticed that a green algae had started growing on it. This started after we’d fenced out the cows, a requirement of Wake County Soil and Water. I figured something green growing was progress, so whatever. Plus after at least 80 years of cows dipping in the pond daily for a bath, the pond was due to cycle through a few versions of itself before it settled down.

This year, the green algae was back in force and again, I didn’t pay it that much mind. But then this summer, I noticed the algae had developed some depth, or better said, some height. While on a tour I took a closer look at it and was shocked to see that grass had taken root and was growing on the algae, floating on the pond. Now I’m all in favor of growing grass, and Lord knows it was a great year for grass, but floating grass?! I’ve never heard of grass growing on water.

The grass has spent the last 60 days merrily floating about, drifting from one end of the pond to the other, riding its algae life raft. It hasn’t gotten very tall but it has certainly stayed green and vibrant.

I guess I need to start looking for some Jesus cows so they can graze it.

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