Meatapalooza and shenanigans

So I surprised Jeanette with a gift that I knew she’d enjoy. No it wasn’t a vacation, or a pay raise (although she needs one), or employee of the month certificate. None of that boring stuff. I got her what I knew she’d really want.

Two cows to the processor this month!

Wait! Wait, this isn’t what you think. She was actually happy. It’s not like I got her a vacuum cleaner. I’m good at picking gifts…really I am. Ask my wife!

Ahh, maybe not

Ok fine, she had to put away two tons of beef instead of one like normal so maybe it wasn’t the best present I’ve ever gotten someone. But the good news is you can enjoy her present too because we have more beef than we’ve had since late 2019. Just in time too because the holiday season is approaching and we will need all we can get.

We also were able to get all the rest of our pork back from the processor including the BBQ, along with plenty of chicken so we are in good shape on all kinds of stuff.

Lastly on the farm stuff, thanks to our friends P Dale and Zane we have some lamb at the processor ready to pickup. I just need to find a time that makes sense. Maybe Tuesday afternoon next week will work. Regardless plan on a real influx of lamb in the store by next week.

In addition to farming stuff, I’ve been up to my normal Civil Air Patrol shenanigans as well. This time it was flying for the 82nd Airborne out of Ft Bragg. We’ve flown for them for a couple of weeks lately and I was fortunate enough to fly for them three days this week, and best of all I was able to take some Army personnel up and show them what things are like from the pilots perspective. They weren’t too nervous flying until we were landing which I thought was odd. Later I was relating this story to a friend who was in the 82nd many moons ago and he quickly pointed out that they aren’t used to landing in the airplane. Paratroopers. Duh! Lol! That didn’t even occur to me.

We did end up with a weather issue on Tuesday. The rough weather that came in trapped us at the airport and we had to scrounge a ride (thanks Natalie and Ashley!) back to our home airport. That is home airport AFTER picking up my co-pilots kids from dance in the rain, in the borrowed vehicle, in uniform. Then we drove more than an hour to drop off kids, swap cars from borrowed to our own, and get back home for a party that was already in progress before we picked up the kids from dance. Only to the next day to get up, make my farmer run all over NC, then get home and drive the reverse of the last nights car switcharoo to undo everything, fly all afternoon till the Army called it quits, then fly to Fayetteville to drop off the airplane just before the sun went down, and then drive the hour home WHILE being on a zoom call with my Goddaughter about her upcoming wedding. Whew, what a couple of days!

But the Army folks were very appreciative and we were able to provide some good training so it was worth it.

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