Milking update

Today Dottie was waiting for us at the fence wanting to be milked. That’s about as good as it gets. Day four and she is in the routine. We got a little less than 2 gallons of milk today which is still in line with her expected production considering all the factors like stage of lactation and season, etc.

Above you see the milk mobile. This is the Goldbergs golf cart that they bring every day rain or shine for morning milking. They debated taking the golf bag holders off originally but they worked out perfectly to hold the milk buckets every day. Plus they occasionally hold a child or two for a ride around the farm.

Today we began a new milk distribution system where instead of splitting each days milk, one family takes the milk one day, the other takes it the next day. So today we got the whole two gallons plus the gallons we already have in the fridge.

Looks like its time for yogurt and butter at the Ninja house.

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