Milking update

No pics today. Today we began the day with milking again. Spunky and the Ninja calf made moves indicating that today was going to be another Benny Hill episode Then I shook the food bucket one more time and the light finally clicked on in her brain. After that she started coming along nicely. Not perfectly, but at least without a fight. Of course the Ninja calf took off again. He has only made it to the barn once so far. We have yet to name this calf. I have a feeling his name is going to be four letters.

We didn’t get a ton of milk. Spunky is holding back for the calf which will be the next issue to tackle. Hopefully tomorrow will go a little smoother and we can progress from being glad just to get through milking to tweaking how well things go. We aren’t to the point of having any surplus milk yet but at least we have milk again.

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