Today we started milking again. Everything went very well and Spunky behaved herself better than I could have hoped. It was great to have everyone together again at the barn. It really makes for a community feel on the farm. Soon we will be swapping days off and back in the normal routine but today was nice to get back to milking.

Here The Princess is getting in on the action, helping Spunky to let down her milk. Spork had just taken his turn.

And todays yield. A little over 1/2 gallon. It isn’t much and she had more to give but for the first day this was pretty good. Hopefully we will be up to a couple of gallons per milking shortly. We are keeping Spunky on the pasture with the other cows, and keeping her with her Ninja calf who immediately disappeared in a poof of smoke as soon as I went to get Spunky.

After walking Spunky back to the pasture, this was my sunrise walking back, it doesn’t get any better.

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