Momma pigs go outside

Sow with her first litter of piglets
Sow with her first litter of piglets

Today the two moms went outside from the hospital barn maternity ward into a paddock with their babies. We also put the three other babies from the immaculate conception momma from a few months ago along with a few older pigs who were not growing as well as their peers. These will all be combined with 22 pigs we have coming from a friend (Hi Chuck!) in a few weeks to make the next group of pigs (called a drove or a sounder) that will stay together till finish. Miguel had to do a bunch of fence repairs to tighten up all the holes and broken hot wires from this winter. Once everything was tight, we could put the pigs where they needed to be.

The new pig trailer we built has come to be invaluable in moving all these pigs around. What used to be pretty exciting is now becoming relatively routine and easy, as long as the pigs stay in the paddock where we put them, which is not always the case.

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