More apples


Last night I came home to find the 42 quart stock pot overflowing with processed apples thanks to my darling SWMBO who worked hard all day on apples while so was at work. This is part way through her work. She doubled this amount.

The old timey apple peeler and corer was a hit with the Mrs who used it for the first time yesterday. It has really good results.


After another dinner that couldn’t be beat, I proceeded to can again.

Now it must be said that there was a bit of mocking the first night about “Did I have enough mason jars” because I have a huge quantity of mason jars but I ended up going to get another pack of pint jars.

What you see here is 22 jars of applesauce, this time with no sugar added. It was also cooked quite a bit more hence the darker color. The extra cooking caramalized the natural sugars and made for a very nice taste, different from the first batch. What you will also notice is that the jars vary in size, because I scraped the bottom of the barrel getting enough jars. I ended up with 4 pints in the fridge for this weeks snacking.

Only 1 bushel left. SWMBO actually cautioned me not to use them all. Did we really use up 7 1/2 bushels?

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