More farm Princess

I came home after work to discover that we had a calf who had gotten separated from her mom and was on the wrong side of the fence. Unlike goats, cows after making their great escape immediately want to get back to the herd so I happened across this calf pacing the fence and bellowing to her mom. We had about 15 minutes of daylight left and I had two Princesses playing on the front steps of the house. No interns, no Miguel, even Spork was at a sleep over. To make matters worse Bok Bok at 5 had never really worked cows before. Then to top it all off, this was a ninja calf. Admittedly not one that had caused any issues before but it was out so there you go. About 30 seconds in I realized I should video rather than instruct because as you can hear, The Princess immediately took over instruction after I had given them the game plan. I had to stop filming because I was needed to get the cow going but the rest of the event looked like this.

I had to run and back up the girls one time because Bok Bok didn’t quite get what her job was and the calf ran right by her. I stopped it and turned her back. Then The Princess pushed the calf along the fence, past the corner, down the fence, around the open gate, into the barn yard and then closed the gate. All in her pajamas and all while instructing Bok Bok on what to do. I helped a tiny bit and then she didn’t need me anymore. Also all while taking on a cow that outweighed her by 300 pounds with no fear.

Yeah, I was proud.

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