More fence charger woes


This is what met me this morning when I moved the cows. The fence, with the 3rd string emergency backup charger was dead as a hammer. No voltage. Luckily the cows had not noticed yet.

Spork and I proceeded to redo all the jumper wires and ride all the fence in search of the short. After about 20 minutes we had disconnected everything from the main wire which is only about 20 feet long. After all that work we had this result.



Get out the tester and start testing what was left. Another few minutes and I found this.


Arghh! Deer again. Every time we loose the fence its deer as the cause. I believe venison will be in the freezer this winter.

So after that quick fix.


Yeah! Now that will light those critters up.

After all of that. We were rewarded with this sunrise. All is good.