More good info on why fat is actually good for you

I’ve talked before about my diet and its results here, and here. I also wrote about fat and heart health here.  All these are old posts that if you’ve been around a while you’ve already seen but we have a lot of new customers so it may be worth going back and reading up a bit.

Bottle and glass of milk
Who knew, milk is actually good for you

Now, thanks to Ron who sent me this article, we have a pretty exhaustive article in the Washington Post about how the government is maybe realizing that demonizing wholesome products like milk and other real foods (like we produce here on our farm) might be bunk. The article goes quite a ways back and takes us through some of the science and history behind our current government dietary recommendations. It seems to do a good job of showing both sides but it leans towards what I believe in, which is that the high carb, low fat government recommendations most of us have lived with all of our lives are to blame for our current health woes.

According to the article, the current guidelines are up for review and it’s inferred that maybe we’ll break out of our current dogma since there is such good information coming out that maybe we were presumptive and simplistic back in the 50s when all this started. My personal opinion? Don’t get your hopes up. There are too many industries and professions married to the current system to not lobby to keep things like they are. What does that mean to us, the consumer? It means we need to read and understand what is going on and make our own decisions. The government is not going to make things better, you have to do that on your own.

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