More updates on sick pigs

We are continuing to work on the sickness running through the new pigs. 33 and the other bigger pigs have had their second shot of Enroflox and have been placed back into the outside paddock with their peers. We have kept the little pigs inside the barn and continued with their rich diet and special care. We have also kept an ear out for coughing pigs in the outside paddock and have now added 34, 35, 36 and 37 to the barn.

35 and 37 looked bad when they came to the barn. They were heading the way of Roscoe when we brought them in. They were still able to get around but not very quickly and not for long. In another couple of days if left untreated they would be dead.

The good news is that the Enroflox REALLY works. When 35 was put in the barn it took me a day to be able to get out there to give him the medicine because of my work schedule. Miguel said, Jefe, you need to hurry. He looks bad. So I make it out there late that evening and he is barely conscious. I gave him 1.5cc of Enroflox and 1.5cc of Liquamycin and by the next morning he was up and running around feeling great. That stuff is expensive but it sure does the job.

This is a good example of how we handle antibiotics on our farm. We get asked if our animals are antibiotic and hormone free. The answer is what you are reading now. If they are deathly sick, we treat them. The same way you would treat your kids, with love and care, and the best that modern medicine has to offer. If they have a sniffle that will go away on its own, we let it run its course. What we do not do is give any medicines as a preventative to disease. That’s the real problem with livestock handling in the US.

#34 1.5cc Liquamycin IM, 1.5 ccs Enroflox sub q 12/16/14

#35 1.5cc Liquamycin IM, 1.5 ccs Enroflox sub q 12/17/14

#36 1.5cc Liquamycin IM, 1.5 ccs Enroflox sub q 12/17/14

#37 1.5cc Liquamycin IM, 1.5 ccs Enroflox sub q 12/18/14

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