How much meat you are actually getting from a whole pig?

Understanding how an animal breaks down is confusing, even for farmers. Live weight vs hot hanging weight vs cut weight. We buy a pound of pork chops, but we sell a whole hog by the hanging weight, but we deliver a live animal to the processor. One animal, three different weights and three different prices.

And not everyone wants a cut price. Some people want half of an animal, but they want to buy it at the live weight price and receive the cut weight, not understanding the differences between them. How to explain it?

Once again, Walter at Sugar Mountain Farms does an excellent job of explaining something and making it make sense. Better than I ever could. To see how to understand all these different weights, read his short article here. 

Then call me and tell me what you want. I’ll back my way into the pricing based on what you are asking for.

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