My #1 customer

Happy customer buying meat at the farm
SWMBO with her weekly haul

We raise our animals with one goal in mind. We want the best product we can produce, regardless of volume, margin, or profit.

The reason we do this is the picture above. This is SWMBO on her weekly shopping trip to our store. Every Sunday walks over to the barn and I “sell” her some product that will be used to feed our family for the week. This is the meat that is going into my body and the bodies of my children.

The fact that we have awesome beef, pork, and chicken available to everyone else is great. I’ve even been able to hold SWMBO off of certain cuts of meat just so we can sell it to people who are requesting it. Heck, one time I sold the Christmas ham right off the counter in the kitchen when SWMBO wasn’t looking but at the end of the day,  I have to please my #1 customer first and last.

So far, she seems pretty happy.

Everything else we do flows from this belief. The rotational grazing, no commercial feed for our animals, picking the right processor. All those decisions stem from doing what is the best we can for our family. And by doing that, we are doing the best we can for yours as well.

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