NC Cattleman’s Association comes to our farm

NC Cattleman's association meeting
50 people, representing 5 counties.

On Friday we hosted a pasture walk for the NC Cattleman’s Association. We were expecting about 20 people but when the buses started arriving we had over 50 for the tour. So many that it was tough to keep everyone together and to be heard by everyone as I explained what we do and how we do it.

I spent some time showing where we’d repaired our pasture with the help of Wake County Soil and Water. Fortunately everything was holding nicely and growing well so we had something that looked good to show off.

Everyone was very nice and asked really good questions. It was an honor to host the Cattleman’s Association meeting. I just wish I’d have more time to visit with people and to learn more about what they did in the rest of the meeting.

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