New Berkshire pigs have arrived at our farm

We have some new additions on the farm. A drove of Berkshire feeder pigs have taken up residence and are already filling out with the rich produce we provide them. We purchased them for Kayla at The Butcher and the Baker who will be taking these pigs, and lots more in the future.

Pigs in forest paddock
Some of the pigs in their new paddock
Pigs in forrest paddock.
There is some pink mixed in with our pure blood Berkshires. The mother of the pink pigs was like a big friendly dog. Her offspring are equally nice to be around.
Pigs in forrest paddock
More pigs in the forest.

I took these pics after a quick summer rain shower had passed over. The leaves of our trees were weighted down by the water and the little pigs were happily munching on the newly lower leaves.



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