New England Journal of Medicine says GMOs are bad

In case you haven’t heard of the New England Journal of Medicine, it is a very prestigious peer reviewed medical journal. The opening line of the wiki page about it says, “The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is published by the Massachusetts Medical Society and is among the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals[1] and the oldest continuously published one.[1]

This article doesn’t read a dryly as I thought it would so don’t let the beginning put you to sleep. It also doesn’t read as scientific as I thought it would based on where it’s published so read everything with a grain of salt. Lastly, the New England Journal of Medicine, while over 200 years old and very prestigious, isn’t without some history of political bias although it’s very limited and well in the past.

With those caveats in place though, here is some interesting information from a respected source on GMOs, crops, and herbicides. If you don’t want to read, there is also an audio interview link with the author.

And finally, if you want to see a rebuttal, here is another opinion piece published on a blog by someone who spends his time dealing with weed control. He of course claims that the first article is biased and incorrect.

Happy reading.

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