We have a new and greatly improved recipe section

Yesterday afternoon (and all night last night) I worked on installing a recipe program on our website. This new program allows us to enter our recipes in a format that makes them extremely usable . You can search by ingredient and adjust quantities on the fly for the number of people you are serving. You can also easily see the recipes on one page and have an idea of what you are getting into just from a quick look. When you look at the individual recipe, it has a print icon on the upper right so you can get a printable recipe to take into the kitchen making the transition from reading about it to actually cooking it very easy.

I’m about 10 hours into setting this thing up, so it’s functional but not all there yet. I now have to go back and copy all the old recipes across from the old format to the new format. Plus redo the pictures, etc. This will be a work in progress but over the next few days you should see recipes moving to the new format. In the mean time, we have the old format recipes located at the bottom of the recipe page so no matter what you are looking for, it’s still there.

Take a look at the new recipe page and let us know what you think. Do you like the new format? Is something broken or could it be set up differently. We value your feedback.

Speaking of feedback, there is a way for you to enter your own favorite recipes on our website via the same tool we use. Just click here, and you can enter your recipe for all of your fellow foodies to enjoy. We personally love trying recipes that you like so we’d love to hear how you are cooking our products.

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