A new look for the website

One of the things I try to do this time of year is to work on the website and update things to make them better. Often that process involves breaking what was already working, then frantically trying to fix the mistakes while simultaneously having a heart attack and a stroke because I’ve lost years of work. After much struggle last winter, it appeared that the only way to really update our site was to simply rebuild the entire site from scratch, as that looked easier than fixing all the bugs and glitches that came with the new look. That task, as you can imagine, didn’t get moved to the top of the list.

However the latest release of WordPress seems to have fixed some of my problems from the past. The preview of the new theme looked pretty good. It is the same them that I used on another website I run, that was indeed created from scratch, so after a few tweaks I went live with it. Since today and tomorrow I’m covering for the guys and running the farm, I may not get a lot of time on the new layout but if you see something that looks broken or wonky, please let me know so I can put it on the list of things to fix.

With that said, how do you like the new look? The old look was very distinctive but it was also dark. Very dark. Some of the text was a touch hard to read, especially on the side bars. This new looks really opens up the site and also promotes the side text much more. The search bar is much more visible, allowing people to hopefully find what they are looking for. This layout is also much better viewed on a phone, which is what most people use to view websites anymore anyway so this should be an improvement overall.

If you need me, I’ll be either feeding critters or nerding out on the website. No New Years revelry for me (which is totally normal)

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