New Mamasita’s products in the store

Mamasita’s chips have been the surprise hit of the year this year. I’d heard they were good, and of course we really liked them in the sampling we did, but I had no idea how popular they would be with our customers. We’ve been continuously reordering them ever since we brought them in.

Last week we reordered them, again, and I thought to myself.

“Self, didn’t they have other products we’ve never ordered?”

Mamasita's yellow corn chips, $6.00 per bag.
$6.00 per bag for yellow or white tortilla chips

A quick check and yes, yes they did. They had yellow corn chips to compliment their white corn chips that we’ve already been carrying.

Dessert chips are $5.50 per bag. They aren't as sweet as you'd think. I like them.
Dessert chips are $5.50 per bag. They aren’t as sweet as you’d think. I like them.

They also had a dessert chip which we already have sampled this morning. I think the entire bag lasted about 3 minutes with the girls.

Mamasita's taco shells are $5.75 per box
My new favorite, ready made taco shells at $5.75 per package.

And lastly, and the one I’m most excited about, they had taco shells.

We sell a lot of hamburger to people who are going to make tacos. And even more importantly, we eat a lot of tacos ourselves. Having some ready made, Mamasita’s style taco shells is going to be awesome. Wildflower already asked me this morning if we could have tacos tonight. Sadly no, but maybe Sunday night. I’m ready for some tacos!

We are open from 8-5 today so swing by, see the girls, and grab some chips and salsa, or hamburger meat and shells.

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