The “new” pig trailer rolls out of the shop, complete

Fortunately we had some “test pigs” to carry out on the maiden voyage.

After pulling out the trailer, Miguel and I quickly cleaned up the shop. I was starting to get apoplectic about how cramped and dirty everything was getting. I feel much better now.

The next project is already inside. We are taking apart an old commercial air compressor to utilize the tank as a vacuum tank for our milking machine. Right now it takes two people to milk and we have issues with moisture getting into the pump. Both are bad. Once we get this tank installed, we should have no more moisture issues and we should have enough reserve vacuum to milk 10 cows at once, not that we ever would. We are only set up with one milking stall. But it never hurts to be prepared, plus the air compressor was going to the scrap yard so the cost for the tank is zero.

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