New piggies on the farm

Our superstar mom was looking mighty pregnant this week so Miguel moved her to the birthing center, where our moms normally give birth. Yesterday I received this picture from Miguel. 

I don’t have a head count yet, but this is our mom that routinely produces a runt piglet because she has so many. Hopefully she’ll nurse everyone this time but we may be bottle feeding a baby piglet again soon. It seems we get a Christmas runt every year.

When I went to download the above picture, my program always shows “This day in history.” Here is 2015’s picture for today. 

There is a reason I call her our rock star mom. She’s like clockwork.

If you are coming for a tour today, there will be brand new piglets to see so it’s your lucky day. If you aren’t coming for a tour today, what’s wrong with you? It’s 57 degrees in December, perfect weather to be outside at the farm.

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