New piglets born last night

Yesterday when I was giving tours, I pointed out to our guests just how pregnant our Berkshire momma was. I told them she’d be delivering soon. I didn’t realize just how correct I was.

Berkshire mom with new piglets
Momma with babies

Miguel sent me this first thing this morning. She delivered sometime during the night. It looks like about 8 piglets, although we haven’t gone in there to count yet. She needed some piglets to nurse her, she was about as wide as she was long.

We are wide open on tours today so if you want to come and see some just born piglets, today is the day!

These piglets are 1/2 Berkshire and 1/2 Large Black so they should be absolutely premium piglets. We are still selling off our piglets till we get our numbers down so for those of you who’ve been asking, here are your piglets.

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