New pigs getting into trouble

piglets in machine shop
Piglets in the shop, looking for work I guess.

This picture is actually from a few weeks ago. This is a batch of the new piglets standing inside my shop on the farm. I’m pretty particular about my shop. I keep it clean, organized, and capable of whatever we need to do whenever it needs done. This bunch of knuckleheads had taken to sneaking under a hot wire to explore greener pastures. Of course, they returned every day to their paddock, especially when we deliver the food. On this particular day they’d decided to walk into an open door and take a self guided tour of the shop to assure themselves we were not keeping all the truly yummy food sequestered out of their site.

We keep an extra 24 joule fence charger on hand and Miguel rigged it up the next day. 24 joules gave the piggies a new perspective on what it means to stay where they are supposed to.

Don’t feel bad for the pigs, I couldn’t have put them to work anyway. They don’t have thumbs and certainly can’t operate a lathe.

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