New products coming, made from our pork and beef!

I think I’m more excited about this than most anything else we have going on. We’ve discovered a way to get our hogs out to the Weeping Radish Brewery, Butcher, and Pub to be processed and returned to us as awesome new products!

This is a big deal, not because I get to drink beer on delivery and pickup, which I won’t. It’s a big deal because it gives us access to what we’ve needed for a good while, new products for our pork and beef.

Some of the things we can have coming from our pork are:

Apple Bratwurst
Beer Bratwurst
Hot dogs
Cheese hot dogs
Cranberry, apple, pecan sausage
Linguica (spicy Brazilian sausage)
Sweet potato liverwurst

From our beef we have coming:

Corned Beef
Roast beef (maybe)

There are more items that are not on this list, and apparently they are adding items to their repertoire as well so I’ll be learning about my options. But for now we’re ordering based on the list above.

We get requests for ham all the time. We also get requests for cured meat like pastrami. Heck, SWMBO wants it. That’s enough of a reason around here. For the past few years I’ve been trying to figure this out. Well now we have it figured out. Some of the items are supposed to be arriving as early as next week so this isn’t a far off in the future dream, it’s now.

Plan on swinging by and checking it out. And all the other new goodies we have in the store. We are open today from 8-5. There is so much new stuff in there I haven’t even been able to talk about it. We’ve just been putting it away as fast as it comes in. But details are coming as I can get the posts up. But rest assured, the store has a LOT of new stuff in stock so it’s worth the trip.

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