New Saturday hours

Today is the last day we are going to be open all day on Saturday. Starting next Saturday, 28 December, we will be open from 9am till 1pm instead of traditional 5pm.

This will allow us to get to Saturday night church without committing any number of sins just crashing into one another trying to get out the door after work on Saturday. Plus this more closely matches our hours the rest of the week, meaning whether you work Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, it is a four hour shift either way.

Lastly, it means the girls, who are older now and want to go skating with their friends, or have sleepovers, or whatever, aren’t tied to the store all day. They can work the morning, and get off just after lunch and still see their friends.

So please still come and see us, just do your grocery shopping first, then go to the park.

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