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Today I finally fixed a problem we’ve had since the inception of our website. You have probably noticed that often times the pictures on our site are stretched oddly making people look fat or tall, depending on the way the picture is stretched. I’ve tried everything I knew to figure out what was going on, to no avail. For a while I was posting the pictures to Instagram thinking maybe that was a better solution however I disliked having to go to another site and link back. Plus all the resolution of the picture was lost as Instagram only uploaded medium quality pictures.

Finally yesterday our IT savant at work, Ray, pointed out our picture problem and noted that it was probably our theme causing the problem. Now this was unwelcome news for a few reasons.

One, I was reluctant to change themes as the one I used was very clean and very customized. I didn’t want to change the look of the site, plus I didn’t want to redo all the customization.

Two, I introduced Ray to WordPress. Talked him into it you might say. And I used our farm website as an example of what he might do if he’d spend some time working on it. A couple of months later he’s built his own site and is now helping me with mine, which means he’s smarter than me. That’s something I already knew, but I can’t say I like having it so painfully obvious.

Thanks to Ray and a bit of not sleeping this evening, we now have a new theme for Ninja Cow There were two main things I wanted to accomplish with this theme change. One, I wanted the pictures to display normally. It appears that they now do. If you scroll through the old links you’ll see what everyone actually looks like. Two, I wanted a sticky menu. That means when you scroll down to read our posts, the menu stays on your screen vs. scrolling off the screen as it was before. I get a lot of emails with questions from people that are answered right there in the menu. I think people are scrolling, reading a bit, then not able to find a menu to take the next step. Hopefully this them will help with that.

If you see anything broken or missing, please let me know. I’ll slowly be customizing this new theme and working on things that might have gone poof with the theme change.

2 Replies to “New WordPress theme for the website”

  1. you, young Moore, are becoming the Clark Howard of all things Garner-local and cool… I do so much enjoy the blog-site and the updates of the farm life. Sometimes sad (but true-life real), and mostly pretty darn uplifting as I think raising kids, crops and cows is as down to earth as it gets. You have 2 or 3 full-time jobs and still have time to document the experience. Impressive ! Now that the pictures problem is solved I’m much more enticed to ‘raiding the farm’ for some of that meat you produce as it now looks less like that mystery stuff they fed us at school… hmmm? as always, I appreciate good humor, truth in advertizing and your unique view of life around you. Only request is for more pics of MIGUEL ! Let him know how much we enjoyed meeting him that day at Angie’s ! That’s all.

    1. Ernie, you are always too kind. Let me know what you would like to try and I and likely a kiddo or two will be happy to deliver it.

      I can’t make any promises on Miguel. He is a wiley one!

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