We are officially out of beef that we can sell

The trick to married life.
I’ve been married 13 years, and I didn’t get here by being stupid.

Note I didn’t say we were out of beef, just beef we can sell. If you recall, SWMBO said that I could sell some of our personal beef from our latest cow. Well this weekend she came home, looked in the freezer, counted the number of children we have (Still at a 3 count. They are resilient little buggers) and declared that all the remaining beef belonged to her. Now I did protest a bit. I said, “But Honey, I have people who still want to buy. They have money. Their kids are starving and trying to live off of McDonald’s. Think about the children.”

I found that I was talking to myself at that point and stopped trying. SWMBO had already left the room and gone about her business. I do care about my customers, a lot. But I care where I sleep somewhat more so if you want some Ninja beef, you’ll have to get an invite over for steak night from SWMBO.

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone who bought our beef. I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has, good or bad. We’re pretty happy with how our latest cow turned out but it’s not my opinion that matters, it’s yours.

We’re growing more cows as fast as we can. I’m looking forward to having a freezer full of beef for everyone this fall.

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