We have officially dried off our last milking animals for 2017

Our farm manager from our other farm called me today and informed me that she was drying off as of tomorrow. That’s both the cows and the goats. We will not being making the drive to that farm this week since the milk would be too old by Friday.

Almost empty milk bottles
Sad and empty

So, there will be NO PET MILK in the store from now till our cows start having calves. That should be around January but it depends on who gives birth when. Once we have calves on the ground, we’ll make an announcement here to let everyone know they can start getting pet milk again.

In the mean time, we will be increasing our orders on Simply Natural Dairy milk to supplement everyone till we are back in stock on raw milk.

For everyone who called me the past week and wanted to know when we’d have milk again, and I said this Friday, I’m sorry. I have to let my folks make the best decisions for the animals. I’m not there but once per week so I have to rely on trusted people to make the calls on when it’s time. If she says it’s time, then it’s time.

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