Ok, this time the beef page is really updated

Bunny facepalm

So I was out of town this weekend but still trying to update the beef page to let everyone know we have beef back in stock. I didn’t have my notes with me, so I updated the beef page with our new cuts and marked what we don’t have in stock from memory. Unfortunately, I have a mind like a steel sponge and left off about half of what I should have.

I’m now back in the office and working from notes, which should be a requirement for me anytime I’m doing anything except brushing my teeth. The page is actually updated now with correct information so head over and check out what we have and let me know what you need.

The worst part of admitting you messed up isn’t telling the whole world via this page. I can handle public shame. It’s knowing your wife reads the page and will now find out. Like she needs another reason why she’s smarter than me.

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