Oops, I forgot to put up pictures of the new calf

When I posted that #25 had her new calf, I was out of town in the land of no Gs (no 4G LTE). In struggling to get the post up, I completely missed that I’d not posted the pic of the calf himself. I’m here to rectify that. I went back to the post and attached the picture that should have been there so you can go there and see the calf only minutes old. If clicking on that link is too much trouble, then you can look here at what I saw Sunday before the whole fiasco with #44 started.

When I was moving the cows Sunday I of course looked for our newest little calf. I’d not seen him because I was out of town and I wanted to see him. After looking around, I didn’t see him anywhere! Not to worry, calves are shorter than our temporary hot wire and routinely walk under and find a nice spot to lie down out of the way. But usually I’d see him by now. Then I found this.

baby calf hiding in tall grass
#56, hiding in the tall grass

You can see the paddock wire in the back ground and a patch of Johnson grass in the center of the picture. The cows are all on the other side of the wire. You can also see a little patch of black and a yellow ear tag in the center of the Johnson grass.

Hiding in the tall grass is a wonderful thing for new born calves. It keeps them out of the way of the big cows, and out of sight of predators. It’s always a sign of a good mother. We don’t have any predators but it’s a sign of good genetics in the calf as well. This calf is the son of Benjamin our old bull and it’s good to see his progeny still have it.

Calf hiding in grass
A little closer view

This is a little closer, and cuter view, of this new born calf. He stayed still and watched me intently. As soon as I got close enough to touch him he jumped up and ran to momma. Very cute.

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