Oops, we had an accident. Or why I haven’t been posting. Part 1.

It wasn’t a big deal. Just a little bent up metal. A young girl who goes to Garner High School, my old school, ran into the back of my truck and trailer as I was waiting to turn into my drive way last Friday. It was wet, she was likely distracted (texting, talking, singing along, who knows), and she bumped the back of the trailer. It bent a little metal but not too much.

Damaged gate on trailer from accident
The gate took most of the brunt of the force it looked like.

It didn’t seem like that bad of an impact. Of course I’m pulling a 1000 pound trailer, carrying about 4000 pounds of implements, behind an 8000 pound truck so I think I outweighed her car a bit.

Trailer hinges, bent.
The hinges to the trailer.
The uplock pins to the trailer.
The uplock pins to the trailer.

So it looked like everyone was ok and only a little bent metal on the trailer. No big deal except this wasn’t my trailer. Oops. I had her pull into the farm and come up to the office to call her insurance agent. Turned out she had a train of cars following her home with all of her friends so we had an impromptu party with a bunch of high school kids while being on the phone with her insurance company for an hour. I made every effort to be nice while she was here. I know how nerve wracking it is to have an accident at 16 years old. Having to call mom, dealing with an accident the first time ever. She was shaking just a bit in the beginning but only for a short time. She quickly settled down and handled everything like a pro. Fortunately nobody was injured and everything would be a simply fix. Or at least I thought. But that is the next post.



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