Oops, we had an accident. Or why I haven’t been posting. Part 2

While I was on the phone with the insurance company, Miguel unloaded the implements and when I came down he pointed out this.

Bent hitch from an accident.
The hitch is bent. Maybe it was a better whack than I thought.

Looks like some of the force of the impact made it all the way to my truck. I know how much load I’ve put on this hitch and it was all it was designed for and more. It’s never so much as wiggled. Now it’s bent up 20 degrees. Hmm. A little harder than I realized but oh well, just more bent metal. No big deal. The truck is still fine and since it only had 4000 miles on it, that’s a relief!

This all happened last Friday. Saturday day I went to Holly Springs to see Jennifer with Buck Naked Farm as she sat up and worked her first farmers market booth. She had a cooler of our meat (plus an awesome display of her wares) and as I was there she sold a few packs of beef and pork. As I was hanging out, I noticed that my back had started hurting. Not unusual if I stand for a while but it was hurting in a place it never hurt before, and in a way that felt odd.

Saturday night we had dinner with the owners of the new farm we are leasing, and where the cows are right now. They were super nice and awfully gracious. After dinner I sat outside and talked to the father for a bit and just couldn’t seem to get comfortable on his chair. That was odd because the chair was plenty nice, but my back hurt no matter how I sat. Maybe I’d stood too long at the market. I should have known better than to show up without a chair but I sat on the cooler instead. Hmm. I wonder what that’s about?


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