Oops, we had an accident. Or why I haven’t been posting. Part 3

Sunday morning Spork and I got up to do our normal routine of feeding all the animals on the farm. Fortunately the guys had pretty much pre-loaded everything so most of what I had to do was drive the tractor and truck, which was great because that is about all I could do. Spork did the lion’s share of loading the few boxes we had to and we got everyone fed. Then I went back to bed, something I NEVER do. I spend all the rest of the day in bed on Sunday, finally breaking down and taking a muscle relaxer which absolutely nothing for me. As evening came, the pain was still pretty bad, enough that I wasn’t able to go to sleep so at 2am I brought out the big guns, the steroids. I still had some from an injury past and I knew that they would help with any inflammation and hopefully whatever else might be the problem. I can only take them once per year so I really don’t like to take them if at all possible.

Even after taking the steroids, I was unable to get to sleep all night due to the pain. Fortunately I have plenty of experience not sleeping from when I used to work for a living, so getting up and making due the next day is normal for me. I didn’t have too much of a hard day. Miguel and Vicente were both working, it was raining off and on, and I only had one appointment and some errands to run. Nothing that I couldn’t handle, back pain or no. First, the appointment.

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