Oops, we had an accident. Or why I haven’t been posting. Part 6

The tour of the distillery was pretty neat. Unlike most distilleries I’ve been to, this one wasn’t set up for tourism. It was a side room built onto a 70s era commercial building. Everything was located in one relatively small room and seemed a rather small operation for the volume of product they were producing. There were two fermentation tanks, both 1250 gallons.

Covington Vodka's distilery
Our tour group, and one of the fermentation tanks in the back ground.

As we toured the room, our tour guide explained the process of going from sweet potatoes to vodka. Having some experience with the process myself, I thought he did a great job. He also allowed everyone to taste a drop of the product at the various stages which was eye opening to me.

Covington Vodka's distillery.
Stripping columnar still in the background. The very top of the final process pot still is visible on the right.

Covington Vodka comes from the name of the sweet potato that makes up 99% of the crop in the US, the Covington sweet potato. I’d actually had some Covington Vodka once before as Dustin had bought some when it first came out. He always has the newest toys. I’m not really a vodka drinker since I’d had some experience with vodka in my younger days and pretty much swore it off (ugh, screwdriver anyone?) but I tried a drink he’d made and really didn’t see where it tasted any different than any other vodka. Of course, it was in a mixed drink so really I was tasting the drink, not the vodka.

This was a chance to see and taste the real thing.

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