Oops, we had an accident. Or why I haven’t been posting. Part 7

Here in the distillery I was tasting the product right off the still, plain and unfiltered. At 46 proof on the first run it was light, sweet, and relatively good. It tasted like a first run with plenty of congeners still lurking about.

Then he let us try a drop of the second run, pure uncut vodka. This was 196 proof! High enough octane to pour straight into your car and run it mixed with gas.

It was light, sweet, and crystal clean. I was impressed. Maybe I should go see if Dustin has that bottle sitting around and get a drop of the product cut back down to 80 proof and bottled. But before I can do that, I had to deal with my back at the end of this tour.

Even though the walking portion of the tour only lasted about 25 minutes, I was toast. It was all I could do to get back to my truck and I barely said bye to anyone trying to get out the door and able to sit down. I hurt all the way home and when I got home I went straight back to bed and stayed there the rest of the day. It’s really a shame because the rest of the tour looked really neat, and I really wanted to get to speak to everyone there, which was the whole point of going. Oh well, I met some of the main people and I did show my face. I can go back for another meeting later.

Today I have to go take two hogs to the processor which shouldn’t be too hard, and tomorrow I finally get to the doctor. Hopefully this whole thing has subsided by then and I can tell him that I just need a second opinion on what I’ve already done. I’m going to do my best to take it easy again today. Unfortunately this entire thing has pretty much cost me a week of productivity, the most frustrating of which is I couldn’t even sit at my desk and pound out some good posts for everyone. I have lots of material but laying flat on your back and trying to type just isn’t good for the creative juices to flow. Plus I found that when I’m in pain, my writing isn’t very good. I did try, but everything was terse and there was no humor at all which isn’t me.

So sorry for the long lapse in postings. Hopefully things will get by to what we call normal around here soon enough.

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