Open Barn Day May 6th!

Now is your chance to meet the Farmers and Vendors of Ninja Cow Farm. There will be cows and baby goats to feed and pet, tours, samples to taste, as well as a chance to meet many of the farmers and vendors in the Ninja Cow store. Ninja Cow Farm LLC is a small, 84 acre family farm located just outside of Garner. We are the closest large animal farm to downtown Raleigh, just 15 minutes from the heart of downtown. We raise grass fed, grass finished (an important distinction) cows and heritage and rare breed hogs. We utilize no commercial feed in our operation, instead relying on produce we glean from various sources as our primary food stock for our pigs. Our produce recycling/upcycling efforts now divert approximately 7 million pounds of produce from the landfill each year. In addition, we recycle 250,000 pounds of cardboard, 24 truck loads of pallets, and 12 truck loads of plastic totes per year. We sell our products direct to the consumer and to a few select restaurants. In addition to our beef and pork, we also aggregate products from 11 other small family farms and sell the products in our small store. Unlike many operations that pass off others products as their own, we proudly represent our partner farms in our store, giving them equal billing. We are beyond a family farming operation. We actually have five families directly involved in our operation, not counting our employees. We are a true community effort, all working together.

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  1. Is there a need to schedule a tour for this event (via your calendar) or is it just ‘show up and participate’? Is there a charge for the events on this Open Barn Day? Thanks!

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