We are open tomorrow afternoon from 2-6


We are open! We have power, oh glorious power! Everyone is home from disaster relief, and we have full freezers that we slaved away to keep frozen for you. We might not have everything in stock (like some few dairy products or chicken) but we have a TON of stuff here so don’t fret, stop on by and get some goodies from the store for this weekend.

Also, pfft, pfft! Is this thing on? I’m still banging and cursing on the stupid auto publish thingy for Facebook. This is a test. Don’t read this part! Argh, too late! Now you are part of my test and officially a guinea pig.

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  1. Took a chance and stopped by about 45 minutes ago….no signs of life so
    I left. Is someone there? I’ll come back by.

    1. Sorry Debbie we are open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-6 pm & Saturdays from 8-5 pm without appointments. Sundays we are closed. If you are stopping by on other days please make an appointment.

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