Our long running NC State project is live and viewable

I can’t even remember when we started working with NC State and People 1st tourism. It has been quite some time. Over the past years we’ve had several occasions when film crews would come out, sometimes with groups of students, sometimes on their own. They were filming “for their classroom” students I was told. I didn’t really understand what they would use these films for in the classroom but hey, if it helps NC State I’m game.

Then COVID happened and the world changed. Suddenly a filmed project took on special meaning. Once we could get the final shots with all the safety protocols in place, the folks at State were able to put their final project together.

I still can’t say I fully understand how they’ll use this in their lesson plans, but somehow lil’ ol’ Ninja Cow Farm will be part of NC State’s curriculum going forward. Heck, who knows, maybe my kids will take a class some day on the farm they grew up on.

The professor was kind enough to share their site with me so I could share it with all of you. So without further ado, here is the project they put together for their students, and for your enjoyment.

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