Our website actually works now

For the past several years, our website has progressively gotten slower and slower. I’ve deleted a lot of content, or resized images extensively, or called our hosting provider to be sold yet another upgraded plan which was marginal at best. Despite all that, the entire website crawls. I’ve investigated several times just dumping our provider and getting a new one. But that requires about 2 solid days of being in the office non-stop, just banging my head into the wall till the new hosting works with the old website. As you can guess, I haven’t been able to free up those two days.

With all that in mind, I received an email out of the blue from our hosting provider saying we’d been moved to a new server in house. Now this free move to a new server (I’d already paid for one, it didn’t help) only required about 2 hours of being in the office, lightly tapping myself in the head with a ball peen hammer, so much easier than a full hosting company changeover. But I was skeptical. Then I clicked on our website to see if it worked and….

The website works like it is supposed to, quick and responsive. Of course NOW the hosting provider, when queried, said the old server had problems so they needed to move everyone to a new one. Argh! Of course it had problems! I’d been telling them that for years.

Speed! Finally!

So apologies for the lack of speed on our website. Apparently it is all better now. Enjoy the speed. Maybe I can actually post some content now that I don’t have to watch paint dry on every click.

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