Oysters are at the farm

No, we aren’t farming oysters. Although that would be cool. But I’d have to move to the coast. I mean, I like the coast. Ahh, living at the coast, with the salt air…

This is what I’m picturing in my head
This is more like reality for an oyster farmer

Yeah, I’ll stay here on the farm I think.

So the next best thing to living at the beach is bringing the beach to us. Jeanette has ordered some oysters from NC Seafood, the same people we’ve been getting our wonderful scallops and shrimp from.

Have I mentioned I like oysters? A lot.

I have my pictures searchable by topic/subject matter. That makes it easier to find a picture when I need one. Like if I need a cute cow, I just search for cute.

Betsy and her calf
And viola a choice of cuteness just pops up

Since I took a picture of the oysters when they came in, it will be easy to find that picture and complete this post.

Except all the pictures that come up look like this.

Me, with a stupid grin, sitting somewhere most likely by the water, with a big tray of oysters on the 1/2 shell. I can’t find the picture I took of just oysters, frozen in the store and ready for sale. I have too much to do to walk over, take a pic, then walk back, upload it, and post it. (translation – I’m lazy) so I’m inserting this lovely picture carefully curated from the internet google search.

They look just like this. But different.

They are fresh oysters from NC and the surrounding waters (think Virginia). And they are on the 1/2 shell ready to thaw and eat, or thaw and cook, if you are a monster who ruins an oyster by cooking it. If you are, don’t worry. I won’t judge you. While you are still here.

Just kidding.

However you like your oysters served, we are just pleased to have them available for you to compliment our other seafood offerings.

Ask Jeanette about the oysters when you stop in next time. Especially since hamburger is still on sale for 15% off so it is a good time to visit.

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