Cows in the morning

The cows moving into their new paddock. They are really looking better every day. The coats are improving, they are adding weight, and their disposition is just perfect.

The only issue I have is that the cows have figured out that I don’t electrify the partition fence between them and the water which is what forces them to have to walk to get their water. Therefor they are simply walking through the wire, making a mess and tearing up gear. I connected the hot wire from the other end so they should get a nice surprise today. A week of a hot back fence should solve this problem.


Little piggies

This was my view out of the shop window this morning as I headed back to the house. Looks like the baby pigs are getting adventuresome and have escaped to roam the barnyard. They will still go back to mom so I am not too worried about them running off. I will keep an eye on them. Luckily they are starting to eat so they will show back up for dinner anyway.


Mineral feeder update

After a few more days of use, it appears that phosphorous was in short supply with my cows. It’s almost time to add more while the other minerals are pretty much untouched still. The phosphorous is on the corner so the rubber is easier to lift but none if the other three corner minerals are being used so it does appear that they are targeting the phosphorous. I looked up what a phosphorous deficiency causes and it wasn’t very clear. Kind of like what is an herb good for, seems like they all cure everything.

I am worried how I am going to move this mineral feeder by hand once I have to go uphill with it. Just going across flat ground its a handful. I’ve dropped 40 pounds this year. I’m starting to find that I cannot just hoss things around like a used to. There is no substitute for mass.


WordPress comes to life

This is a test post on the WordPress mobile app. Brian seemed to indicate that it may be easier to post from WordPress to Facebook than to try to capture the feed from Facebook and post it on WordPress. Since I am not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook seems to break functionality about twice a year for no reason I figured I would try the WordPress app.

I was worried that the WordPress app was no good because the reviews on the App Store were not very flattering. However Brian said that it was basically the same as facebook mobile app so I figured I would give it a try. It’s not exactly the same but I can see the similarities. I guess I just need to learn how it works and its little nuances. Not to worry Facebook fans, if this works we will have these posts flow over from WordPress to the Facebook page so you won’t miss anything.