Part 5, the conclusion and another question. Please answer.

So, we have the results in. People overall think what we are doing works. However there is a contingent of people who would like Mondays added to the schedule. There is also a contingent of people who would like to expand the hours. I have already interviewed a great new employee and she’s just waiting on us to decide what days/ hours we want to be open so that she can start. We are sitting on go, except I have no idea what is best for you fine folks. I can’t both be open Mondays, and expand our hours. That’s just too many hours for our people, and too much payroll for our little store. I can do one, or I can do the other. I cannot do both.

So, I’ve created a ONE QUESTION survey. It should literally take you a minute to answer. Do we expand to Mondays, or do we change our store hours on Wednesdays and Fridays? Saturdays as a reminder are unaffected.

Please give me your feedback on this follow up survey┬áso we can announce our new dates/times and get people working those hours. With the holidays approaching I’d like to expand anyway so we have more time available for you.

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